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Mindspark, White Plains, NY, USA

digital snack [Dij-i-tl] [snak] (noun) –
a fun, useful and satisfying product or application that caters to a range of tastes, available whenever and wherever a consumer feels the urge to indulge.
Everyone loves a good snack. It can provide a much needed pick-me-up, a few moments of satisfaction, or a quick a break from reality. A snack can be a guilty pleasure, an energy boost, or even a form of self expression. Snacks, in short, make people happy.

Defined by a free or low price-point and broad consumer appeal, our interactive bites of goodness are:

Built through a rigorous internal development process -- either directly for consumers or in tandem with its hundreds of partners via our B2B arm, APN.

Marketed through a world-class technology, data and distribution infrastructure that enables us to predictably find and launch new brands capable of quickly reaching a mass audience craving the latest and greatest applications.

Delivered as an add-on to a consumer’s desktop, web browser or IM platform, or as a mobile app, wherever and whenever our users want to consume them.

All job offers at from Mindspark:

Product Manager, International ProductsITNew York, NY, USA, North America

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