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Gruner + Jahr, Hamburg, Germany

The Gruner + Jahr printing and publishing company is Europe’s largest magazine publisher and generates more turnover than any other German publishing company. Its more than 11,800 employees reach readers and users in 30 countries with over 500 magazines and digital offerings. G+J publications include STERN (D), BRIGITTE (D), GEO (D, E, F), CAPITAL (D, E, F), GALA (D, F, PL), ELTERN (CHN, D, E, PL), titles in the P.M. group (D), FINANCIAL TIMES DEUTSCHLAND (D), ESSEN & TRINKEN (D), and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (D, F, PL, NL). Gruner + Jahr owns 59.9 percent of Motor Presse Stuttgart, one of the biggest special-interest magazine publishers in Europe. Brown Printing, a G+J subsidiary, is one of the biggest offset printers in the U.S. G+J’s revenues in 2011 were €2.29 billion. International revenues account for 54 percent, making G+J one of the world’s most international publishing companies. Bertelsmann AG owns 74.9 percent of the company; the Jahr publishing family in Hamburg owns 25.1 Percent.

Gruner + Jahr's business activities are structured in three divisions: G+J Germany; G+J International and Corporate Services. The Newspapers unit is part of the Corporate Services division. G+J's most important international holding is Prisma Média in Paris. Prisma Média is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of G+J and is the second-largest and most profitable magazine publisher in France. Gruner + Jahr also publishes magazines in China, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Spain, Adriatic Countries and Mexico. Beyond these international activities, Gruner + Jahr also owns a stake in Germany's Dresdner Druck- und Verlagshaus (60 %), Motor-Presse Stuttgart (59.9 %), am SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co. KG (25.25 %) and the Hamburg School of Journalism (95 %). The G+J printing houses of the Brown Printing Company (BPC) in the USA are among the most modern printing houses worldwide. BPC are the fourth largest magazine printers in the USA.

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