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kompany, Vienna, Austria

kompany provides an affordable service, lowering down all access barriers to international business background information and allowing people to have reports straight to their desktops with a single account, a single payment method, a single powerful interface.

kompany fits the needs of small enterprise and professionals, becoming part of their workflow, offering a complete tool to make better decisions and lower down their risk, especially when they operate internationally.

kompany will provide the most advanced user interface to international business background information, allowing people to understand complex data. If the world is growing smaller, complexity is expanding bigger and bigger. How many people are able to read a balance sheet, or a credit score comparison? With our solution, every single business owner will understand easily if the next deal will be a lemon or a peach.

Access to information and the tool to understand complexity, this is what kompany will provide to the international market. Cross country, cross language and cross knowledge.

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Sr. Product Manager, eCommerceITVienna, Austria, Europe

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